SURVEY: Old Second Street, Fall River, MA

A key pedestrian link in the heart of our downtown, Old Second Street is surrounded by some of Fall River’s rich history and architecture. The structure abutting this pathway (The Academy Building) is an historic structure listed on the Historic Register. The columns at the entrance way, are also of historical significance as they are the original columns that once welcomed individuals to the original city hall. In addition to this location’s historic architecture, the area was once the pathway to freedom as it was part of the Underground Railroad System. Not to be forgotten, the close proximity to the famous Lizzie Borden house which ironically is just steps away from the new judicial complex. This unique location made up of brick and cobblestone offers an expansive lineal design with ample width allowing the potential of becoming a gathering place for its diverse audience and has the ability to offer a multitude of placemaking opportunities through a variety of ongoing projects. Many of our safe walking routes include the downtown area which surrounds the Old Second Street location. This survey is intended to gather input from the surrounding residents, businesses, organizations and public entities to help make Old Second Street an area for everyone to enjoy and utilize. Please fill it out and return it to: Creative Arts Network, 132 Highland Avenue, Fall River, MA 02720 or go to our website,, to fill out the survey.