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Fun Things to Do in Fall River, MA

Arts, culture and entertainment in the tenth largest city in Massachusetts

Did you know that in the 19th century, Fall River, MA was considered to be the center of textile manufacturing in the United States? How about that we have the largest collection of World War II Naval ships in the world? Have you ever thought about how our city came to be known as Fall River?

Steeped in history, dating back to the establishment of the original colonies, Fall River has continued to be a catalyst for economic growth and promote arts, culture and events for everyone.

Located along the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay at the mouth of the Taunton River, the city became famous during the 19th century as the leading textile manufacturing center in the United States. While the textile industry has long since moved on, its impact on the city's culture and landscape remains to this day.

Fall River is known for the Lizzie Borden case, Ethnic cultures, its numerous 19th-century textile mills and Battleship Cove, the world's largest collection of World War II naval vessels and the home of the USS Massachusetts (BB-59)..

Be a driver for economic development

Located at the mouth of the Taunton River, Fall River has fun and entertainment everyone will love! Check out the Quequechan River, for which the town is named after, or have a night of cultural enjoyment at one of the many performances throughout the year.
Creative Arts Network, C.A.N. is where you’ll find information on events for residents, tourists and economic leaders—regardless of age. By promoting cultural events and city activities, Creative Arts Network, C.A.N. is hoping to showcase the area’s best features to continue to spur growth.

Discover what Fall River has to offer through events, museums and more

Discover what Fall River has to offer through events, museums and more

Numerous events, activities and nightlife abound for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, are a tourist traveling or want to invest in the city you grew up in, you’ll find fantastic events and activities for the whole family!

Come visit our largest Titanic replica, the USS Massachusetts or any of the other historical or cultural aspects that permeate the area. Creative Arts Network will help you fall in love with Massachusetts.

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