About Us

Creative Arts Network INC., C.A.N.

Mission/ Vision Statment

Mission: To celebrate, stimulate and nurture arts, culture, entertainment and tourism in the Greater Fall River area.
Vision Statement: The purpose of Creative Arts Network INC., C.A.N. is to raise awareness of Fall River’s art and culture scene. Its goal is to create a vibrant, sustainable art and culture community to help build on economic development and tourism.

C.A.N. is a collaboration dedicated to invigorating the Fall River cultural scene and increase public accessibility to art & culture. Doing this effectively, we believe, will create economic opportunity for the local area and promote tourism.

Increasing collaboration and public awareness will improve the effectiveness and quality of programs offered. Reaching new audiences will help drive economic growth and increased awareness for Greater Fall River as a choice destination.


Since June 2014, Creative Arts Network INC., (C.A.N.), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has focused on highlighting the multitude of art, music, theater, charity, historical, and cultural events throughout greater Fall River. Our target audience includes residents and visitors from towns on both sides of the Taunton River and Mount Hope Bay and from Boston to Providence and beyond.

We hope to impress upon current and potential residents of the variety and quality of the cultural opportunities in the area. We firmly believe that this will lead to both population growth and economic opportunity for the area.

C.A.N. is supported by donations from state and local boards, local and national companies and individuals. We have held over 50 events to date, some in collaboration with other organizations such as United Way, Lafayette-Durfee House, Southcoast Mini Maker Faire, etc.

We have hosted classical music concerts in historic churches, popular music along the waterfront, artist exhibits in city hall and other galleries, locally-made product vendor opportunities, Harry Potter themed events, vintage fashion shows, and more. We are 100% volunteer run and welcome your participation.

Creative Arts Network INC., CAN Events

The project's flagship cultural nights are held throughout the year. Many events will be themed so that distinctive cultural programs are presented and creative partner involvement remains robust.

These events present opportunities for performers, artists and humanitarians of all disciplines and levels to engage the public. On a typical Creative Arts Network INC., CAN Night several art exhibits open, multiple live music is presented, theater skits or a lecture take place and interactive family and adult cultural experiences abound. This night is known as one of the best times to experience Fall River's cultural renaissance in its history.

A detailed list of the program will be available on this calendar page. Creative Arts Network INC. would not be a success without the community of Fall River and surrounding towns and always invites individuals to be in touch and get involved.

The Creative Arts Network INC., CAN collaborative project is funded in part by The Fall River Cultural Council, Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT_ through a state earmark, local business community sponsorship, individual donors and partner venue dues.

The organization is run by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers through its Creative Arts Network Steering Committee. Art, Cultural organizations, businesses are invited to participate by contacting Creative Arts Network INC., CAN